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February 24, 20231 min read

Biometrics Step By Step:

You're about to do your first virtual notarization. Congrats!

Biometrics is a process of gathering information in order to verify your identity. This is done through answering some questions, uploading your ID and a face scan.

Here's what to expect:

1. Beginning Screen

You will come to a screen that says Getting Started

persona link

Click the button that says BEGIN VERIFYING.

2. Country Choice


Pick which country your ID is from.

3. Choose ID Type

ID verification choice

Choose which ID you are using. I recommend using either a US Driver License/ID Card or a passport. If choosing passport, it can be from any country.

4. Upload ID Front

id verification

If you are on your laptop choose CONTINUE ON ANOTHER DEVICE to send to your phone. Most webcams take blurry pictures that might not work for the verification process or be clear enough for me to read.

If you are on your phone just click the camera button in blue.

4. Continue On Another Device


At this point you will use your phone to take a picture of the front of you ID. After that is complete, it will redirect you to go back on whatever device you are using to complete the notarization.

You will be guided through a face scan where you will be asked to move your face from right to left.

Please be sure to be in a well lit area, and you may have to take off any hats or glasses.

I look forward to meeting with you virtually soon!

Give me a call or text if you run into any issues at 239-910-7248.

Whatsapp is preferred if international.

Katie Tremulis

Katie Tremulis

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Don't take our word for it, hear from our clients

Anthony Candelario

Katie has done several virtual closings for my title company. She has always been extremely professional, always on time, and always prepared. Highly recommended and we will continue to use her.

Dominico Palma

As an attorney who frequently requires the services of a mobile notary, I highly recommend Katie for all your notary needs. She is always professional, punctual, and efficient in providing notary services. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding legal documents and ensures that all documents are properly executed and notarized.

I appreciate Katie’s flexibility in scheduling appointments and her willingness to travel to our clients' locations. She is always prompt in responding to emails and calls, which is crucial in the legal profession.

Overall, I highly recommend Katie as a mobile notary. She is reliable, knowledgeable, and provides exceptional service.

Kenny B.

I had no idea that this kind of service existed, but I am so glad I did...Katie made the whole process very easy. I really like the fact that she can provide virtual services so I don't have to drive across town or coordinate schedules.

Rebecca Kroseberg

We helped a family member purchase a home out of state. This was a super stressful process, as all of us were in another state than the house that was being purchased. Katie helped out in a pinch with her virtual notarization services. Most importantly, using her virtual service meant not having to take time off work to go to a local notary and wait around. She made the process easy and had everything prepped. Highly recommend!

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