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Why I Became A Virtual Notary

February 21, 20233 min read

Three Reasons I Became A Virtual Notary:

Becoming a virtual notary was not something I had initially planned for my career. I had a traditional role in banking where the customers would bring a variety of documents that needed to be notarized.

I stepped away from doing notary work for a bit, and when I came back I saw that on the notary block there was the option to check " Virtual Notarization". This started a whole launch into my own research if this was something I should explore.

As the notary industry evolves with the advancement of technology, I saw an opportunity to provide a more convenient and accessible service to my clients, particularly for those who work from home or run a small business. In this blog post, I'll share my story of why I became a virtual notary and how this decision has positively impacted my work and my clients.


As a traditional notary, I was required to have a physical office or travel to my clients' locations to notarize their documents. This was particularly challenging for clients who work from home or run small businesses and have limited availability during regular business hours. However, with virtual notarization, I can now notarize documents from the comfort of my own home or office, making it much more convenient for my clients. This has saved me a significant amount of time and effort while also allowing me to provide more flexible scheduling to my clients. With virtual notarization, my clients can easily access my services from anywhere in the world, at any time of day.


Another reason I became a virtual notary is due to the efficiency it provides. With traditional notarization, I would have to coordinate with my clients' schedules, and if they were not able to meet in-person, we would have to reschedule. This process could sometimes take days or even weeks, depending on my availability and my clients' schedules. With virtual notarization, the process is much quicker and more streamlined. I can notarize documents within minutes and avoid the delays that come with traditional notarization. This is particularly beneficial for small business owners who need to move quickly to keep their business operations running smoothly.


Many people are concerned about the security of virtual notarization. However, I can confidently say that virtual notarization is a secure process. The technology used in virtual notarization, such as biometric identification and encrypted digital signatures, ensures the authenticity of notarized documents. With virtual notarization, my clients can feel safe and secure knowing that their documents are protected.


Overall, I became a virtual notary because I saw the benefits that it can provide to my clients, particularly those who work from home or run small businesses. The convenience, efficiency, and security of virtual notarization have made my work much easier, and I have received positive feedback from my clients who appreciate the convenience of the service. If you are interested in becoming a virtual notary, I highly recommend it. The benefits are significant, and it has made a positive impact on my career and my clients' lives.

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Congratulations on considering this as a way to create a better customer experience. I offer one on ones if you would like to have a little bit of help or would like to ask some questions. I am not an expert but do have a good amount of experience. Follow me on Instagram where I post different ways to market, tips and tricks as well as general updates.

When I was first starting out and still today, I love watching others journeys and this is someone I really like the way she presents content and information.

If you ever need something notarized, I am happy to assist as well.

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